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Aktywność - Jimmy SV1BTR

Hi all

I plan to be qrv on 2m & 70cm this Sep 21/22 weekend in ARI CW EME Contest. Pls note i will be on during moonrise/moonset windows. Looking forward to meet new and old friends in this fine event. I do not use or fancy loggers, will be mostly calling CQ. So if you hear me give me a call, pls be patient and persistent!!

As I can rarely visit the eme qth, I chose to be qrv on 2m & 70cm (hope gear still works), instead of the 6 bands available at my end. So as to support cw activity on the frequencies that need it the most. Yet these bands offer unique pleasure and challenge in this mode of operation, and refresh excellent moonbounce memories from the past 20 years.

Thank you to ARI EME Contest Manager & Organizers for the great awards designed and sent to participants all these years as well as providing a nice activity opportunity once more.

Jimmy SV1BTR
2m: 16*6el xpol
70cm: 6.1m dish