Udział w zawodach EME, wrażenia, wyniki, dyplomy...
... z otrzymanej korespondencji ...

...proszę zwrócić uwagę, ile stacji polskich brało udział...

Thanks to all for the very nice eme weekend in ARI CW EME Contest 2013!
I was briefly on and greatly enjoyed the activity, working good old friends and several new initials! Here are my results:
2m was qrv for 4.5 hrs, 20 stations (19 on random and 1 on sked): OZ1HNE OK1MS N4GJV IK2DDR YO2AMU VK5FA LZ1DP LZ2US UR7D SM2CEW 9A9B SM4GGC YT1AR S50C SP4MPB RX1AS SP3XBO SP4K VK5APN OK1DIX

70cm was qrv for 1.5 hr, 6 stations (random): K2UYH LZ1DX DF3RU I2FHW NC1I SV3AAF

Equipment worked flawlessly except my 12V psu which suddenly died Sunday, luckily had a replacement till I fix it. Libration made conditions difficult on 2m with very deep QSB, echoes and signals were up to 5-7db down for prolonged periods which lasted about 1+ min each time, continuously throughout the weekend. On 70cm the same but much lesser effect as deep fades were lasting shorter with frequency being higher, so not a problem. Echoes on 432 close to 45 degrees both days at my end.

2m system being up for 10 yrs needs maintenance, I observe this in last 2 years, as rx is down by about 4db. Will probably do next summer.

This however is not a show stopper at all to me for working random cw eme pulling weak signals out of the noise! In fact this challenge does not frighten me as it makes me try harder … J …who needs computers, deep search and loggers when God gave us human will and the wonderful sense of hearing?

As it was raining heavily I did not unpark the 23cm dish to work xxx/dl1ymk last night, wish M&M luck and joy in their great effort!

Jimmy SV1BTR