Udział w zawodach EME, wrażenia, wyniki, dyplomy...
...z otrzymanej korespondencji...

Dzisiaj wyprawa bedzie pracowala na 13cm w zawodach i pewnie inni rowniez ich zrobia.
Od kilku dni pracuje wyprawa CW/SSB RANDOM JERSEY Isl. - GJ :


Hi lunatics,

today was the 2nd and last session on 23 cm from Jersey – and again we used the alternative callsign MJ/SA6BUN. Most of our QSO-partners had no problem to decode this challenging callsign (yes, as Doug, VK3UM, has already mentioned, it is definitely an alphabet soup, hi), but we believe, we all had fun with it. Sorry for those, who came continuously back with the YMK callsign, because they didn´t listen carefully to our call, these QSO’s are not valid. The only exception was KL6M, because in this sked we used MJ/DL1YMK!

A special challenge for a DXpedition station are sideband-QSOs, which are very unusual for a temporary set-up somewhere in the world. So we are very happy to report 6 SSB QSOs on 23 cm today, with I1NDP, OZ4MM, UA3PTW, HB9BBD, OK1DFC and OE5JFL. We received in all QSOs a 54 or even better report! Certainly, a major contribution to this improvement of our portable station is a new SSPA, which the operator has designed and built during the last winter.
Furthermore we worked in CW: JA6AHB, PA7JB, PY2BS, LZ1DX, OH2DG, OE5JFL, OK1DFC, HB9BBD. It is very much appreciated that a few friends got up at night for us, before going to work. Probably they looked a bit tired today. On the other hand we ourselves had only 4 hours of sleep this night, but we believe that sleeping at night is definitely overestimated, hi.

Despite his challenging QRL OK1DFC, Zdenek, has again created a website for our DXpedition with all our update notes and also some photos from the location on Jersey. There you can see our luxurious holiday house, which makes this DXpedition really smooth and gentle – just contrary to all the years in past! Here is the link: http://www.ok1dfc.com/Peditions/ymk2013/dl1ymk2013.htm

Tomorrow, Saturday, during the contest we will be QRV first on 13 cm, also in crossband for JA and US. When there are no further stations to work, we come back to 6 cm, because a friend of us has written, he would be very sad not to have tried working us on Jersey. So we changed our plans, that we only make one day on 6 cm. We estimate, that we will be qrv on 6 cm from 0900 until 1200 UT. So a very last possibility to work Jersey on 6 cm!!

On Sunday in contest we will start with 9 cm and than we look, what we do….

CU off the moon, 73 de M & M