Udział w zawodach EME, wrażenia, wyniki, dyplomy...
...z otrzymanej korespondencji...


Just got back into town late Friday and managed to install the 13 cm feed as the sun was setting.
Early Saturday morning I worked 14 stations on 2303/2320 including a very exciting QSO with the M and M dxpedition.
I called for a while on my moonset as well, but unfortunately the silence was deafening.

Getaways were F1PYR, DF3RU, W5LUA, F5JWF, KL6M. Tough conditions once again on 2320 and could only work the loud ones on that band due to sat QRM.

I plan to install the 6 cm gear and look for F2CT on my moonrise (~1000z) and once the sun comes up switch to 9 cm for the balance of the pass. (~1300z onward)

Hope to see many of you on.