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Hello moonbouncers,

during the contest we were active only on 13 cm (for the last time from Jersey) so far, because we had high wind gusts up to force 7 and heavy rain during the morning, so no possibility to change the feed and the station to 6 cm, where we need calm weather to track the moon reliably. We worked 30 stations during the ARRL contest, (which we think is a quite remarkable result for a portable station), 18 of these were new initials on 13 cm from Jersey. These are: SV1BTR, OK1CA, UA5Y, IK3COJ, SP6OPN, OH2DG, YO2BCT, PA7JB, HB9Q, PY2BS, PA0BAT, HB9SV, SD3F, OH1LRY, DF3RU, DL7YC, V6TA, K5GW.

Tomorrow we intend to be QRV again on 9 cm and will perhaps also give 3 cm a first chance; in minimum we will test our receiving capability. We have already assembled the small 1,8 m solid dish made by 6 petals, which we have already used in TK, because our wobbling big dish is not suitable for 3 cm (is it??? - at least 6 cm was not THAT bad...). If the 3cm station works as intended, we may go for a special session on 3 cm. During the last weeks at home, we tried to get more power from the SSPA in the dish, using flex guide, which was donated by several hams all over the world – thanks again to those friends!. So we hope that we have a slightly improved TX side compared to TK, where we lost nearly 16 W from 42 W in a short coax run!
For those interested in a 6 cm QSO to Jersey and who did not catch us so far, we intend to come back next week with sked proposals. Who knows, whenever someone will crazy enough again to bring Jersey to the moon on mw - and is able to do so in a portable style, hi??

73 de M&M