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Thanks to all for the joy of eme in arrl microwave contest section. Operated on 13 & 6cm cw random (no microwave logger presence/coordination, active/passive) and wkd the following: 13cm: 40 - missed 6 stations - (2012 39) and 6cm: 9 (2012 19 , 2011 14).

My 6cm signal was 5db weaker which did not stop me from calling CQ or working all who called me (have no SDR and the like), even though intense libration & apogee were not helping.

A nice weekend with the downside of much less activity on 6cm this year, at least the super plenty of time I was on. It is a pity this happens probably because 2.3 & up seem to have had non-stop logger liaison coordination (allowed). Something I am personally against in a contest when moon is visible. Regardless of number of bands on a single weekend (can be max 5 bands while in Oct-Nov legs is 4 bands where liaison is correctly not permitted, so what’s the big deal..). Such means have certainly resulted in lowering overall cw random activity/cq without prior notice, in last years.

On Sunday’s moonset I was so tired that for 30 mins I could not hear echoes on 13cm and was checking station till I noticed Doppler being 6KHz off.. thinking I was on 5.7 (1 digit difference in the alternate vfo) ….hi

This brought back memories from the time I became qrv on 13cm and in my first echo tests on that band I was copying nothing for 15 mins…got constructively stressed till I discover I had forgotten to connect the tx feedline… Funny stories which revive the nice feeling of a newbie. At least no medical accidents this year J

See you in Oct-Nov legs of 50-1296MHz.

Jimmy SV1BTR

Ps. Next year plan to run 3cm also, same operational style, pity we don’t have 9cm here to run 4 bands on a mw weekend.