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interesujący raporty z zawodów 5,7 GHz:

Hello Lunatics

Here is my results on 5,7GHz using the PB8 13,50m Cassegrain dish at the Pleumeur Bodou

Space Telecom Center., all random :

- IK2RTI/JN55/559/579 1155km

- OH2DG/KP30/559/569 2324km

- SQ6OPG/JO80/559/589 1485km

- SM6FHZ/JO57/559/569 1364km

- SV3AAF/KM17/559/579 2472km

- W5LUA/EM13/589/589 7516km

- SV1BTR/KM18/559/599 2404km

- PA0BAT/JO31/579/589 806km

- PA0BAT/JO31/56/56 806km SSB

- LX1DB/JN39/ 58/58 768km SSB

- EA3XU/JN11/519/519 958km (not complete !)

- G3LTF/IO91/559/589 350km

- VE6TA/DO33/559/569 6866km

- G4CBW/IO83/559/569 525km

- IZ2DJP/JN55/559/589 1155km

- K5GW/EM13/599/599 7516km

- K5GW/EM13/59/59 7516km SSB

- K1JT/FN20/559 569 5523km

Where must I send the log and with what kind of format file ?
Many thanks to all for nice SSB/CW qsos
About EME 2014.
Please notice these new informations
In order to be all together on a same location during evening time , night and breakfast
We have choosen the Belambra Hôtel Club at Tregastel city, at just 5km from Pleumeur Bodou
Phoenix Pole where all conferences and EME activities will be organized.
Here is the new dates :

- Saturday August 23rd : arrivals

- Sunday August 24th : common “journey” with visit of the Telecom Museum and city

- Monday August 25th ; 1st Conferences and activities

- Tuesday August 26th : 2nd Conferences , activities and Gala Dinner

- Wednesday August 27th : departures

For those who are interested visiting Brittanny , it will be possible to stay till next Saturday

with extra charges.

EME 2014 web site will be “on line” beginning of December with all details, resas, aso

Now a technical and scientific committee must work and prepare the conferences.

All contributions and suggestions are welcome.

I’m just the coordinator between the executive committee and you !!!

Kind regards to all

73 Guy F2CT

"always further outdistances , always higher in frequency !"