Beacon EME na 10 GHz wkrótce ? Tak, juz w testatch...
Poniżej ciekawa incjatywa zespołu DL0SHF - propozycja uruchomienie beaconu EME na 10 GHz, zamieszczona na moon-net.

73's de Staszek SP6GWB

Hi guys,

we at DL0SHF are discussing, if a 10GHz EME beacon would be of benefit (to someone) ...

Seems we could easily have our 7.6m dish with 50W SSPA running towards the moon, when visible in JO54 ... (unless we use the station ourself for QSOs).

Would this be interesting?
Any suggestion for a frequency?


Carsten, DL6LAU (OP @ DL0SHF)

p.s.becon juz na testach.

for the fun of it ...

We are now transmitting on 10368.025 for the rest of today (until 10° Elevation or so at our moonset) and will continue probably tomorrow (starting at 10° Elevation in JO54 again) ...

In addition we are in contact with Andy, G4JNT who agreed to help us with a JT4 / FSK CW 'generator' - THANKS Andy!
So stay tuned ....

73sss from the DL0SHF team

Carsten, DL6LAU