Smith V2.3

Smith V2.3
The software is divided in two parts:
1. Smith-Chart Diagram
• Matching ladder networks with capacitors, inductors, resistors,
serie RLC, parallel RLC, transformers, serie lines and open or
shorted stubs
• Free settable normalisation impedance for the Smith chart
• Circles and contours for stability, noise figure, gain, VSWR and Q
• Edit element values after insertion
• Import datapoints from S-parameter files
• Undo- und Redo-Function
• Save and load designs
• Save netlist
• Print Smith chart, schematic and comments
• Copy to clipboard for documentation purposes
• Set colors for Smith chart
2. S-Plot
• Read S-Parameter - Files in Touchstoneฎ - Format
• Graphical display of s11, s12, s21 and s22
• Graphical display and listing of MAG (maximum operating power gain) and MSG (maximum stable
• Convert and export S-Parameter to normalized or unnormalized H-, Z-, Y- or A-Parameters in Touchstone
ฎ - Format files.
• Export s11 or s22 to Smith-Chart
• Print all graphics or listings

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