Diody na wysokie mikrofale
Na ukmicrowaves pojawiła się poniższa informacja G8CUB,
może ktoś chciałby skorzystać.
73's de Staszek SP6GWB
Having found the best diode for millimetre work, the DBES105A (thanks Lehane for suggesting it) I now find that it is end of life, last time buy!
It is a 2 diodes in series, but work fine if you treat it as a single diode - certainly at 76 - 241GHz.

So, I have just about made the decision to order 100 to get a reasonable price. Hopefully a few of you would like to take a couple, at what I think will work out at £10 each inc postage (uk).
Anyone interested, please let me know asap.


Posted by: g8cub@yahoo.co.uk