Top RF Products of 2015
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Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer and Recorder from 9 kHz to 6 GHz

The BB60C is a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer and RF Recorder with realtime bandwidth of 27 MHz and a resolution bandwidth of up to 10 MHz. It is ideal for real-time spectrum monitoring, manufacturing process control, interference hunting, spread spectrum signal analysis, capturing intermittent events, and general purpose spectrum analysis.

Real-time, Hand-Held Spectrum Analyzer Up to 20 GHz

The SPECTRAN V5 Series from Aaronia is a range of real-time, hand held spectrum analyzers that operate 1 Hz to 20 GHz. These spectrum analyzers have a real-time bandwidth of 200 MHz and can analyse the weakest signals due to low noise signal processing down to -170dBN/Hz.

6 GHz USB Controlled 1 Port Vector Network Analyzer

The ShockLine MS46121A Series is a 1 Port USB controlled VNA (Vector Network Analyzer). It is available in two frequency options from 40 MHz to 4 GHz and 150 kHz to 6 GHz. It provides performance and accuracy for 1 port measurements in a low cost and compact solution that can connect directly to the device under test.