DUBUS 2016
Nie tylko spisy treści....
Wczoraj przyszedł DUBUS 3/2016, spis treści dla zainteresowanych podaję niżej:

- A Simple S/X Dual-Band Coaxial Feed for Satellite Communication
by Ratislav Galuscak - OM6AA, Pavel Hazdra, Milos Mazanek

- Solar Flux and Temperature at Millimetre Wavelengths
by Dimitry Fedorov UA3AVR

- Photonic generation of microwave signals, achieved by beating two lasers together
byFrancesco Carraro IW3GSH and Federico Sartori I3QNS

- Design of a 10 GHz LNA: from simulation to final result
by Vincent Grigis F1OPA

- On the Theoretical and Practical Limits of Digital QSOs
by Klaus von der Heide DJ5HG

- Midlatitude Es: Complex, Not toot Complicated - Part 2
by Jim Kennedy K6MIO/KH6

- Aurora News

- Solar Cycle 24 Report, August 2016 - by Jim Kennedy K6MIO/KH6

- Tropo News

- 4m & 6m News

- European Microwave Expedition - 2nd edition by Mircea Bochis, YO5AXB

- Microwave Europe

- VHF Australia & New Zealand

- Microwave Japan

- Microwave USA

- EME News

- New firsts on 24, 47, 76 and 122 GHz

- News & Comments