Światowy Dzień Zdrowia Psychicznego 2016
... akcja Marca ON5RR
"Fellow moonbouncers,

Some weeks ago I was contacted for a quite unusal request, and now the time is right to ask your help and collaboration. What is it all about ? Well October 10th will be the world day for Mental Health. Due to this occasion, I was contacted by the poet of the city of Antwerp. He is convinced that the moon plays a serious role in the mental situation and health of people. He wrote a poem for this occasion and would like that his poem is recited over a moonbounce communication. So, we have been
looking for the possibilities and Willi, LX1DB is helping us out . He will transmit the poem, and my request of help to all of you is making a recording of this poem. Full or partially, but try to capture something of it. The full poem wil take 2 minutes. It will be in Dutch and English. I would be interested to receive the recordings on my known Email address : moonbouncer@skynet.be . The poem will be presented on a happening in Antwerp on 10 October! The recital will be made on 13 cm. Most
likely this Friday, 16 th of September. The correct frequency will follow ! Thank you for your participation to this event! 73s de Marc ON5RR


We received several requests to make this transmission on 23 cm instead of 13 cm .

To enable more moonbouncers to be able to make a recording, we’ll move of band.

So please listen and make a recording of the poem on Friday 16 September at 23:00 UTC.

Frequency : 1296.030 MHz

Please sent your recordings and report to : moonbouncer@skynet.be , being the Email address of ON5RR

Thank you for the collaboration,

73s de Marc ON5RR"