Instalacja antenowa na dachu 3 i 6c rotor RAK zasilanie i inne pytania
Cherio Tom!
Sorry for delay !
I have described simpliest(also cheapest..hi) solution without extra-supplement components. And have writen that BOTH transverter is switched ON TX! NOT SIMULTANT one trv on TX other trv on RX !!!
Here is main question about value of RX input level where input RX component survived. This emprical level for usual GaAsFETs is about +10dBm and for HEMTs about 0dBm.
If we take isolation between iluminators about 20dB, in case with TX 10W=40dBm , rest is +20dBm what is to much ! Also GaAsFET dont survived !
But, if is BOTH trv in TX position.. in ONE is modulation or keying (egsist Output RF ) and SECOND is only in position for TX.. then is calculation comming also coax relay with his isolation ( abt 50dB).. and rest level on RX is abt -30dBm. Both type survived !
In this case You must calculated with more courent, for second trv ( without modulation-keying) !
Hope that description is now clear.
Off course is posible to instal second coax relay in front of each transverter.