Zjazd Techniczny UKF 2017 ponownie w hotelu Morawa
18-20 sierpnia 2017 r
...info z "Moon-Net-u"

Hi EME gang,
just want to extend information about my short EME in Poland this weekend. I
am leaving my QTH on 18th early morning and expect to have station ready
Friday afternoon. Friday and Saturday are very good MW EME conditions with
low spread. I would like to test especially 10 GHz unit with new SSPA 50W
RF. I want to be QRV 10 GHz mainly on Saturday. I have already setup some
skeds and activities, so expecting to be busy enough. I have also with me 9
cm and 6cm unit, so I will test during Friday also other bands.
I would like to try also change bands during operation to know how much time
consuming is exchange bands. I am not expecting to be full time busy in
Morocco on one day with one band on MW. I want to know how quickly will be
possible change bands because I can not to extend my stay there over 11th of
October. So all tests I want to do now, during this short expedition.
I will be on HB9Q 10 GHz chamber for possible coordination. Every test is
very welcome.
GL, 73 and see you via Moon.

Zdenek - OK1DFC
QRV EME 144 MHz - 10 GHz
WAC 432 - 1296 - 2320 MHz
WAZ #9 - WAS 432 #29
DXCC 432 - 1296 MHz