122GHz dla wszystkich
Tak DUBUS na okładce reklamuje artykuł opisujący prościutki TRV na To pasmo.
Urządzenie wykorzystuje układ zaprojektowany do radarów umożliwiający łączność FM i CW.
Została upubliczniona pełna dokumentacja umożliwiająca budowe takiego transwertera łącznie
z oprogramowaniem i Gerberami do zlecenia wykonania płytek.
Leniuszki mogą zamówić gotowe w za około 200$(oczywiście zamówiłem)
Żeby obniżyć koszty powstała na UK Mirowave grupa zajmująca sie pomocą w zdobyciu elementów
ewentualnie ja najtańszym montażem płytek.

Hi all,

For the benefit of all on this thread and those who may have missed the
initial thread announcing this project, here is some detail...

In the UK, the point of contact for the bulk order is Roger Ray, G8CUB.
In France the contact is Eric, F1GHB and Matej, OK1TEH is also
organising a bulk order from his corner of the world.

All have placed large pre-orders for the parts with me. So far all the
inquiry from the US has been by individuals rather than a group buy.


The intent of the project is help get as many people on to 122GHz as
possible and at a reasonable price. The cost of components for mm
microwave activity can be rare and expensive so the more people we get
interested in the kit the higher the potential to get it made cheaper.

With our bands under constant threat of commercial appropriation the
statement" use it or lose it" is more relevant than ever so projects
like this enable us to "use it" and by keeping the $ down, allows others
to join in who might not have considered going to 122GHz because of the

I was extremely appreciative of Andrew, VK3CV, for doing all the hard
work and putting all the detail out there for anyone to pickup and run
with, so I'm just trying to make that happen wesoły


Following below is the form letter that I'm sending to most requests for
information. This letter has morphed a bit as inquiries rolled in to add
more info but the content is functionally the same.


Thank you for your interest in this project

All the documentation on the project can be found in this drop box..


Please read the complete article on construction that can be found in
the drop box at this url, this is the same article that was published in


You should also read the assembly and operation document from the drop
box at this URL...


What we are offering to provide is an assembled PCB, a bare board for
you to build on and either of the horn feeds, the rest of the
construction is up to you.
I expect the prices to come down once I go back to the manufacturer with
the larger quantity since this pricing is based on a run of 10.

The pricing is in $USD, and it has to be because that's what all the
manufacturers deal in.

I have Indicative pricing for the parts as follows.

Assembled and tested PCB : $204 USD

Bare PCB : $25USD

Chaparral style feed horn and coupler : $72 USD

Coupler on its own : $20USD

Conical Horn with integrated coupler : $110 USD

I expect that pricing to come down as more people put their hands up.

This does not include post and packing to you.

Let me know what quantity of what items you would like.

Funds, via PayPal, in USD, will only be required after I get the final
quotes for manufacture. I'll seek those quotes in a few weeks to give
the project info enough time to get around the planet and people to get
back to me wesoły

Tentative manufacture times are 6 - 8 weeks from placement-of-order, to
delivery to me. Then it will take me a week or so to organise the
packing and shipping to everyone.

I'll also be creating a mailing list from those who have responded so
that I can keep everyone updated simultaneously and I'll be updating
everyone on the projects progress as we go.



VK2XAX : QF56if : ITU59 : CQ30 : BMARC : WIA

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