Dubus 2/2020
Artyku³ Tomka SP5XMU i Andrzeja SP8XXN
Technical Articles

A 47 GHz Waveguide Adapter Plate by Dom Dehays, F6DRO

An Advanced 122 GHz Transceiver by David Minchin, VK5KK

An easy to build noise source for 76 GHz by Philipp Prinz, DL2AM

Fitting HH12 or similar, azimuth and elevation encoders to a SPID-RAS az-el rotator
by John C Worsnop, PhD CEng MIET, G4BAO

The 2015 Lunar Eclipse Observed at Radio Frequencies by Joachim Köppen, DF3GJ

Arbitrary section transmission line and wide band impedance matching balun
by Lapo Pieri, IK5NAX

Adaption of an UMTS power amplifier module for the 2400 MHz amateur band
by Andrzej Niczyporuk, SP8XXN and Tom Babut, SP5XMU